February 3, 2010

Ethical Standards

A bit late in coming, but nevertheless still necessary....

A monologue about studio ethics:

A few ideas or concepts/categories I've thought of that will be quite important to reflect on in this subject matter.

Some major categories to break it down into:

-We are all striving to be better architects or become better students in architecture; respect of one's work and one's self image are important in order to respect others' work, and others' self image. (self image in this regard means specifically architecturally related self esteem). These should not be damaged in lesson.

-We are designers of spaces and experience, let us not intrude or disturb others space or work without the better judgment of our peers and faculty at our disposal. To incline with the aforementioned statement, let there not be any negative attitudes begotten because of this. All intentions should be dealt with integrity towards the work of others.

-We should strive to ever improve our studio environment and recognize its purpose and sustainable outreach for the students that come after us. Let there be no permeable marks or changes made to a studio in wanton disrespect. Attitudes should reflect more of a humble borrowing of the studio's time in order to present and house our work. Respect for others originates with a healthy respect for the studio space itself.

May there be peace throughout our studio land! -And may your work prosper in yours and in the minds of others.

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  1. I am personally upset by the disregard for the restrooms. I find them often filthy and intentionally neglected by the users.