December 7, 2009

Arriving on the Scene

I'll skip with the formalities if there are any applied solely for blogging. "Playing Architecture" is a blog inspired by nothing and created for a particular architecture class however, this does not doom it for failure (or in that case, demise). My subject of this blog for the next 10 weeks will be outlined for me. Therefore, the topics may not be of my particular interest, but they will receive my particularly interesting opinion (I'm being graded). So goes the school train of mediocrity.

Now then, the formalities (I'd said I'd skip them, not NOT do them!): My name is Eric Lancon, I'm currently in my 3rd year studying architecture at Louisiana Tech University. This blog is going to be about whatever my professors assign me for the next 10 weeks (architectural theory); nothing I can do about that. However, it's free reign after and in-between that. I'd like to talk and ponder about the relevance video game design (specifically level design) has on architecture, and vice versa. Playing Architecture is a take on what architecture has to offer the game design world; are computer game spaces just as relevant as physical architectural spaces? My passion lies in space creation, and therein lies the connection. I like drawing 'spaces,' building and designing 'spaces,' playing 'spaces' and any sort of connection with spaces my mind may call upon.
So there you have it, not too complicated, and hopefully somewhat original. How passionate about this blog will I be? -probably not regularly (outside the assigned material), but each post I believe I can guarantee to be something insightful, assigned or not.

Thanks for reading & I hope you make a return trip one day!
-Eric (Riven) Lancon

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